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Session H2
Access Control Overview
Time & Location 10:00 AM - 11:00AM | HONBLUE Center Stage
Matt Schaertl
Best Access Solutions

This seminar will help you develop a basic understanding of access control systems. It will review types of access control and how different access control works, how to recognize the components of an access control system, and will identify codes and standards relating to access control.

Matt Schaertl, AHC, has worked in the architectural hardware industry since 1982 in all capacities including estimating, furnishing, installing, troubleshooting and specifying mechanical, electrical and biometric hardware. His career emphasis centers on specification development, submittal review and advanced product applications. Schaertl has worked with new product development supporting engineering from leading manufacturers and has been awarded several citations for product enhancements. He has been a member of CSI since 1988, is a former vice president of education, and holds a mechanical technology degree.