Seminars: Session Details

Session F2 (HSW)
Serv-ing Up Car Sharing
Time & Location 10:00AM - 11:00AM, Room 321
Julie Yamamoto
Hui Car Share, Servco Mobility Lab

Shared mobility in general represents the future of transportation. Before we know it, autonomous fleet will likely be the main source of day-to-day transportation. Keyless car share is a natural progression from the current model towards autonomous fleet. Hui Car Share uses purely digital keys in an app-based system where the customers' smart phone becomes the key fob for the vehicle. Access is convenient and seamless, pricing is all inclusive (insurance, gas, taxes, call center, roadside, cleaning, etc.). Each well-placed car share vehicle can take 9-13 cars off the road, service 20-40 members, reduce congestion, eliminate parking issues, promote public transportation, and improve individual habits, leading to a reduction in harmful emissions. For developers, each parking stall can cost roughly $40,000 to build. Car share can reduce the number of stalls needed in each building. For the consumer the amenity is attractive for many different use cases and from a cost standpoint.

Julie Yamamoto is responsible for all operations and administration at Hui Car Share, Servco Pacific Inc.’s partnership with Toyota for their global deployment of car sharing. She is responsible for customer engagement, fleet management and station partner relationships. Previous to joining Hui Car Share, she served as the general sales manager at Cycle City Ltd. where she led a sales team and was in charge of the largest operating division in the dealership. She oversaw key initiatives including performance-based sales programs, marketing, event sponsorship and dealer initiatives.