Seminars: Session Details

Session E4 (HSW)
Bento Box Housing!
Time & Location 3:30PM - 4:30PM | Room 319
Sai Weiss
Bento Homes

Think and design differently in a small footprint! This seminar provides an overview of Accessory Dwelling Unit ordinances on Oahu and neighboring islands and will discuss design process and functionality in small places a well as partnerships and strategic relationships. Learn about Bento Homes’ philosophy, aesthetic and lifestyle; its process and turnkey deliverables; and the company’s innovative construction process, waste systems, and new appliances and smarthome technologies that are efficient to install and operate.

This presentation will describe the basics of atmospheric boundary layer wind tunnel testing. After introducing the concepts and basic structure of these wind tunnels, the discussion will move on to what kind of information is required for an accurate model and what deliverables come out of the modeling exercises. Strategies of how to minimize costs of this testing as well as the types of facilities where it is warranted are also included to give architects and engineers enough information to introduce this service to their clients.

Sai Weiss is the business development manager at Bento Homes, a Bento Box Company. Bento Homes encourages small-footprint living, and builds affordable, sleek, modular homes for Hawaii. Sai spent several years in energy development for Tesla Inc. and other firms focused on building local, renewable-energy facilities. At Bento Homes, Sai is proud to empower local homeowners so they can house family or generate rental income. In his free time, Sai hikes the Ko'olau Mountain Range and serves as an elected member of his neighborhood board.