Seminars: Session Details

Session E3
Trace it Back: Material and Market Transparency
Time & Location 2:15PM - 3:15PM, Room 318B
Michael Johnson

This program provides an overview of materials transparency and how it relates to green building, and socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing. The program contains an explanation of products’ life cycles and associated health and environmental impacts from creation, use, and disposal. In addition, this course will explore the ways in which transparency documents can be used when determining the appropriate material choices in designing for a healthier built environment. It also will shed some light on the benefits of transparency in the marketplace.

As director of sustainability at 3form, Michael Johnson provides direction and oversight to corporate environmental and social responsibility policies and initiatives designed to achieve goals of zero waste in manufacturing, carbon neutrality, product transparency and optimization, and integration of sustainability ethics into the workforce. Johnson spends a large amount of time focused on materials transparency and optimization, offering educational presentations from coast to coast on this subject to help the A&D community better prepare to embrace LEED V4 or other healthy building standards, or to simply understand the underlying importance of transparency from a practical standpoint. Utilizing more than 20 years of experience, as well as formal education in the environmental and sustainability business arenas, he brings real world context and practical solutions to complicated problems.