Seminars: Session Details

Session D3 (HSW)
Firestopping 101
Time & Location 2:15PM - 3:15PM | Room 318B
Don Pilz

New code requirements that came out in the 2012 IBC has changed the landscape for UL-2079 Tests for Fire Resistance of Building Joint Systems. Never before have so many different forms of firestop been introduced into the market. This course will break down the different materials and approaches to firestopping. As an architect or engineer, you will come away with an understanding of how the different firestopping materials perform, age, and look esthetically. As a contractor or installer, you will get an overview of the latest labor-saving products to hit the market. All will come away with the ability to read and understand UL reports as we compare and contrast joint treatment types and identify the advantages/disadvantages of each.

Don Pilz has over 32 years of experience in cold-formed steel framing and fire rated assemblies. As a project foreman, Don not only installed and supervised large scale jobs from the steel framing to finish drywall, he also worked alongside designers, architects and code officials to balance function and design while creating increased deflection fire-rated assemblies as well as increasing STC performances. In addition to conducting various construction industry seminars, Don frequently pens articles for several trade publications and has invented a variety of products that are currently being used across the US.